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Lost Coast Wind is a new venture with old colleagues. Our partners reflect a broad range of expertise in natural resource management, tribal governmental relations, lobbying, and public affairs, community engagement, and more.

We have worked at the local, state, and international levels, with decades of collective experience in the North Coast region. As we look to the future of offshore development on the North Coast, our team is perfectly suited to take on the challenges and seize the opportunities associated with achieving community-based, ethical project success and building a transformational legacy of healthier communities and economies for everyone.

Offshore Developer Consulting

A successful offshore project of any size and scale requires the involvement and support of local tribes. For developers, this means early, proactive, cultivation of meaningful connections with tribal governments, key leaders, and interwoven businesses. This approach not only ensures that tribes value the potential partnerships (as opposed to placation and lip service), but also fosters relationships with the entire community in terms of resource management, including commercial fishing – and that leads to effective advocacy and project success.

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The Tribes of the North Coast

The North Coast of California is home to some of the largest Native American tribes in the state. North Coast tribes have a long, rich history of subsisting on the productive fisheries and landscape of these areas. With this, the tribes are key stakeholders in the coastal environment, playing a critical role in natural resource management and business development.

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In the News

4 Ways the Biden Administration Can Ensure Offshore Wind Development Benefits Tribes and Indigenous People

To develop offshore wind energy responsibly, both government and industry must involve Tribal and Indigenous leadership throughout the entire process.

Share Interior Department Finalizes Offshore Wind Safety and Environmental Responsibilities

The Department of the Interior today announced the transfer of regulations governing offshore renewable energy activities – including workplace safety and environmental compliance – from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

There’s nothing clean about offshore wind development unless California tribes are involved

Officials from California’s largest tribe are concerned about the lack of engagement so far by offshore wind companies, reviving worries over the historic extraction of resources without their involvement.

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