Tribal Relations

The Tribes of the North Coast

Ten federally recognized Native American tribes and several organized but unrecognized Native American tribes call two North California coastal counties home; Humboldt and Del Norte. This includes three of the four largest Native American tribes in California.

These Native American tribes feature a rich history between the people and the land. For centuries, the North Coast tribes' use and management of the area’s fisheries and natural resources helped define their cultural identities and lifeways. Salmon, in particular, serve as a subsistence food source, an economic opportunity, and integral part of North Coast Native American cultures.

Due to that millennia of land and natural resource management experience on the North Coast, local Native American tribes have passionate, strong stakes in its future. In the past, this has led some local Native American tribes to determinedly rally against energy development projects in the area, including renewable energy. North Coast Native American tribes and their allies have successfully opposed hydropower projects, onshore wind energy development, and oil and gas pipelines. The common theme is late, or nearly non-existent community engagement with local Native American tribes and communities.

Tribal Relations

Why Tribes Should Partner with Offshore Wind

When it comes to wanting a better, more sustainable future, North Coast tribes and offshore wind developers are looking out on the same horizon. However, in regard to project development, proactive, meaningful collaboration is essential.

North Coast tribes and developers can work together to achieve successful, mutually beneficial project outcomes. Effective partnerships can lead to a myriad of opportunities for Tribal governments and their members such as direct economic partnerships, access to localized supply chains, and local community corporate social responsibility investments. Additionally, it can create community-enhancing experiences, ranging from social justice initiatives to workforce training programs.

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